Benefits of cogeneration technology

Significant economic savings due to high efficiency!


Cogeneration units are high efficient by using its thermal energy which arises in the production of electric power. Due to the efficient use of the primary fuel it leads to considerable financial savings.

Earnings made by selling of energy surpluses!


If the cogeneration unit produces more than the operator can consume himself, the surpluses may be delivered to the grid or sold to agreed customer. This process creates additional financial income for the owner of this cogenration unit.

Minimizing of electricity distribution costs!


Decentralization of cogeneration system and location of cogeneration unit on the site of energy consumption eliminates part of distributing electricity costs, eventually of the heat. At the same time, energy losses due to heat transfer are eliminated as well.

Cogeneration (CHP) support


CHP support (combined heat and power generation) favours electricity from cogeneration. Although cogeneration can be advantageous also without some State-declared cogeneration support, the cogeneration units allow the operator to reach a better return on cogeneration and offset the RES fees that each consumer of electricity must pay.

Optimization of power and heat generation


The user can regulate heat and power production according to his requirements from the point of consumption or by means of remote control of cogeneration. In addition, the cogenerating unit generator improves the electrical network parameters.

Emergency power


When there is a "Black-out" of the grid, cogeneration works as a backup source for power supply and there is no risk of interruption of electricity supply.

Heating and cooling


In case the co-generation unit operator also needs a cooling for technological or air conditioning purposes during the year, there is a possibility to connect a cooling unit (absorbtion chiller) to the cogeneration unit and the cogeneration sysetm is upgraded to "trigeneration" (producing power, heat and cooling together).

Clear awereness of an ecological production


Cogeneration produces ecologically because it saves up to 40% of the fuel by the combined heat and power production. Fuel savings also mean relatively small emissions and lower the carbon level in the environment - it multiplies the ecological effect.