Cogeneration units are technologies which enable a wide range of uses in customer energy. At GENTEC we try to find optimal solutions with CHP UNIT not only in common boiler rooms. Designing tailored solutions for our customers with CHP UNIT is for us a permanent challenge in which we take pleasure. Here are for us some of the technical solutions we can offer.

Malt houses

Malt houses have a continuous heat consumption, so they are created for the installation of cogeneration units. However, the introduction of energy into a brewery system may be complicated. We at Gentec have a know-how and can help by proposing an optimal solution.

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Greenhouses are a trend of recent years. Growing crops in greenhouses requires a stable supply of electrical and thermal energy. At GENTEC, we strive to offer greenhouse operators a solution that will enable them to reduce energy costs while being even more "green.

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Drying lines of any material require a continuous supply of heat energy. We at GENTEC have a know-how to properly design a technical solution that thanks to an optimal CHP UNIT involvement into customer technologies, make possible great savings on their operation. One of our projects received a Ministry of Industry and Trade Award

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