Energy optimization

Nowadays the energy costs are discussed often. For small consumers or public administrations, these costs represent a significant burden on the budget, for companies’ high energy prices mean a loss of competitiveness. In dealing with the customers we often find their energy has not been optimized for a long time, and there have been done no or just a little measures to reduce energy costs.

We offer to our customers all the services related to the preparation and implementation of the cogeneration unit installation. The goal is to increase their energy efficiency, leading to a significant saving in energy costs. We provide all the services and prepare the complete installation of CHP UNIT, turnkey solution, the customer must spend with that just a minimum time and energy only (by this way we are really try to save the money where possible).

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Consulting concerning optimization of your energy efficiency


Calculating the benefits of using cogeneration or choosing optimal performance is not a simple task. Navigating the legislation on the acquisition and operation of cogeneration units is not easy either. That's why we are happy we can use our experiences to help you in this area in case you will be interested.


Providing financing projects improving your energy efficiency


The crucial point is the financing of investment in energy of course. In this area, we can advise you as well as help you with the materials needed to obtain the optimal financing of your investment.

Securing energy audits


The energetic audit may be necessary in some cases. We can help you in such a situation to choose the best solution together.


Manufacture and delivery of cogeneration and trigeneration units according to customer‘s needs and requirements


Following the customer‘s needs and possibilities, we can make a cogeneration or trigeneration unit with tailor-made adjustments as well (customization possible when needed).

Complete installation of the cogeneration or trigeneration units and commissioning


We offer to our clients the complete CHP UNIT installation and the connection to their existing power grids. For our clients we can also make a commissioning of the cogeneration. At the start up, the cogeneration unit is set to optimize its operation in relation to the customer's energetic requirements.

After sales service and regular technical maintenance of cogeneration and trigeneration units


When the CHP units are under commissioning, it is necessary to start a service and a regular maintenance. These services will be provided by our trained technicians.We ensure that you will be able to use your new CHP unit for a couple of years.

Our service provided include also the operation of the cogeneration unit and of the entire energetics of the customer. This reliable service is seen as an indisputable evidence of our care and in this regard we offer our customers quality services and supervision in the frame of our monitoring centre 24/7.